Why it's better to live in a compound (even if you need to pay an extra fee)?
1. Security: it is safer, most compounds have guard and camera/security system. 
2. Facility/amenities: You can enjoy public facilities such as club house, pool, tennis court, gym, BBQ area, kid's playground. Compounds like Riviera or BP located on the river with great outdoor facilities offer super living experiences and very friendly with kids and pets.
3. Sense of community: especially for new expatriates
Depends on where you want to be, your office location and which school you will enroll for your children. You also need to take into consideration the flood and construction situation, it is better if the compound is run by a professional team. Recommend compounds are APSC (BP compound), Villa Riviera, Holm, Thao Dien 1, Kim Son, Phu Nhuan compound etc. If you have question please contact inquiries@homeinsaigon.com.