Who we are

We are real estate professionals in Ho Chi Minh City with years of experience. In fact, we were some 
of the firsts to assist the early wave of expatriates who arrived in the late 90s. Over the years we’ve 
helped hundreds more to relocate and adjust to life in this amazing country.
Today, our team is a passionate team of senior consultants (expatriate and local experts), supported 
by an army of dedicated coordinators.

We understand the complexities and headaches of moving to a new country. We understand it’s a 
big move, and we’ll be glad to support you until you’re comfortable with your new life in Vietnam.

Our services include:

  • Housing overview
  • Needs assessment and consultation
  • Home and apartment hunting services
  • Short-term accommodation
  • Lease negotiation
  • Hand-over assistance, repairs and improvements coordination, property walkthrough
  • Lease renewal
  • Lease cancellation and administrative support
  • Tenancy care and financial management